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Spa and Shed Removal in San Diego, CA

Lumberjack Hauling is one of the most reliable and professional hauling services in San Diego, CA. We understand our clients face complications due to unwanted items and strive to contribute our share in improving their living standards. The spa is a luxury, but after a certain time, it loses all the shine. It is impossible to move a hot bath yourself as its weight, on average, is more than 500 pounds.

The same is the case with sheds, an excellent substitute for storage until they get impaired. But our experts identify the extent of the inconvenience and thus deliver the most secure and professional spa and shed removal in San Diego, CA. If you also have a worn-off bathtub or outhouse, then give us a call! Our facility is also available online.

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Most Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible. A bathtub is a problematic item to haul, but our technicians are also equipped and prepared to remove the spa without causing any damage.

We have huge dumpster trucks to remove all kinds of waste. They can bear weight up to 3 tons and also fit in narrow alleys.

It depends upon the condition of the tub. If it is useable, we will donate it. Otherwise, we will go for recycling. If these two are not an option, then our experts will dispose the tub safely.

We are available 24/7. Whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or Christmas, Lumberjack Hauling is always accessible to assist its clients.