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Most Efficient Hoarder House Clean Outs in San Diego, CA

Hoarder houses tend to be untidy and disorganized. There is a lot of junk accumulated within them, and after a particular time, layers of dust and debris build-up. Lumberjack Hauling recognizes the need and importance of efficient clean-out, which is impossible without professional assistance. Therefore, we provide the most exemplary hoarder house clean-outs in San Diego, CA. Our workers are profoundly skilled and have years of practice.

We immediately respond to your call, and a team of experts visits the site. The professionals examine the property to understand the extent of the situation. Then, we remove the junk and clutter carefully. If there is something useable, it goes to charity, and others go for recycling or are disposed of by the specialists. Then, we look for the signs of contamination; if there is one, we deal with it on the spot. Finally, we haul the remains so that you can appreciate a cleaner house.

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Most Asked Questions

We carefully haul them to SAFE centers, where the specialists take care of them.

On average, 3 to 5 days, although it depends upon the severity of junk at the hoarder house.

We are on call 24/7. Whether it’s weekends or holidays, whenever you need our facility, please contact us and enjoy excellent service.

Yes, once we are sure there is no contamination or infestation, we sterilize the whole house to eliminate every harmful microorganism and deliver healthier surroundings.