Junk Hauling & Junk Removal El Cajon, CA

Licensed Junk Removal Services in El Cajon, CA

As a homeowner in El Cajon, CA, there often comes a time when you realize that you need a junk removal company. Whether you are renovating part of your house or replacing obsolete items, Lumberjack Hauling is there to dispose of unwanted items you have that you cannot just put in your trash can. When it comes to junk removal services in El Cajon, CA, you can choose between a full service, where the team will handle all the work, or rent a dumpster, where you can load things yourself.
Lumberjack Hauling takes everything from furniture, appliances, garage & attic and construction debris items to trash from residential and commercial sites. We often try to donate items first and then recycle or dispose of the rest. We always emphasize friendly junk removal services in El Cajon, CA, and a well-done job. Our eco-friendly mission motivates us to recycle or donate as much of your trash as possible.

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Most Asked Questions

We will come to your home and take up your junk wherever it is, as long as it is accessible.
We can recycle your junk, including E-waste. It will end up in a landfill if it cannot be recycled or donated.
Yes, we carry ample liability insurance and always prioritize quality and safe services.
We make every effort to minimize the harmful impact on the environment. If possible, items are donated, recycled, and sorted to keep them from the landfill.